we are called

I am still thinking about names as per my post yesterday. But the names I am thinking about today are the one’s Father calls us to be. The name’s He gave us when He created us and formed us in our mother’s womb. It is how He sees us. The person we are created to be. So often it is the name we are not. We don’t believe it and we don’t see ourselves that way. We believe the lie instead. And so we do not live up to our name and our potential. So here’s to believing and knowing who  Father calls us…hello my name is…what’s yours?names

what’s in a name

bisous & booyas

Bisous & Booyas. It is something my husband does with the girls every single time he either tells them goodnight or leaves for work.

He always says:

  • Abrazo – spanish word for hug
  • Bisous – french word for kiss
  • Booya – you know “when two or more people jump into each other and bump their chests, as a friendly bump usually. For females this may be painful.” Yes. Like that. According to the Urban Dictionary. Seriously. He is teaching our girls to do this. 
  • High-Five – which is usually a low five as they tend to miss when going for the high five. Why is that?

I figured it would be too much to say “Abrazo, Bisous, Booya, High Five” so I just shortened it a bit. Plus, I figured “bisous” can be representational of the “kisses” in life. The lovely things. The pretty things. The things I’m passionate about. And the “booyas” part can represent the hard things. The parts where you need motivation, accountability. And every now and then you might just need a little booya yourself to get going.

So there you have it. The name. Symbolic. Meaningful. Bisous & Booyas. Where the pretty little things collide.

Hello, my name is…

Hi, I’m Aly. Welcome to my blog. Bisous & Booyas. Where the lovely little things in life collide. A place to share inspiration and to be inspired. To curate ideas and thoughts and life. To talk about all the things I love and am interested in including: interior design, art, fitness, fashion, healthy living, beauty, motherhood, loving Jesus and loving others well.

This thing. This blogging thing. It’s no joke.

I have tried and wanted and attempted and thought about blogging for the past four years! Seriously. I just haven’t seemed to actually do it. I have trouble getting past the first few posts. I feel exposed and vulnerable. And I feel like maybe you won’t like me. Or you won’t like what I’m posting. Or maybe no one is reading this blog at all so what’s the point? But sometimes you have to just step out, and walk in faith, and do it for the process, do it for yourself, and not worry about all the other noise that so often keeps us from following our dreams and the things we are called to do and who we are called to be.

So here I am…stepping out.

Rodney Smith


Hope you will join along. For more info check out my about page. And see my portfolio and services here.

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